Speaker 2 :  David Lannes  (The Université de Bordeaux)
    Date & Time : March 18th (Fri.), 2022 / 10:50-11:30PM (Tokyo (JST))
                  (--> March 18th (Fri.), 2022 / 2:50-3:30PM (Paris (CET)) ) 
    Title : Describing shallow water waves in the presence of vorticity
    Abstract : 
         We will show how vorticity can be handled in the water waves equations, and 
       how the shallow water asymptotics are affected by its presence. We will show 
       in particular that this situation leads to extended systems of equations; 
       the additional equations account for the influence of the vorticity on the 
       propagation of waves. The most remarkable fact is that these equations are 
       d-dimensional (d is the horizontal dimension) while the equation for the 
       vorticity itself is of course d+1-dimensional.