Speaker 2 :  Erik Wahlén  (Lund University)
    Date & Time : November 19th (Fri.), 2021 / 10:50-11:30PM (Tokyo (JST)) 
                  (--> November 19th (Fri.), 2021 / 2:50-3:30PM (Stockholm (CET)) ) 
    Title : Large-amplitude solitary waves for the Whitham equation
    Abstract : 
         In the 1960's G. B. Whitham suggested a non-local version of the KdV equation 
       as a model for water waves. Unlike the KdV equation it is not integrable, but it has 
       certain other advantages. In particular, it has the same dispersion relation as the 
       full water wave problem and it allows for wave breaking. The existence of a highest, 
       cusped periodic wave was recently proved using global bifurcation theory. I will 
       discuss the same problem for solitary waves. This presents several new challenges.
         Joint work with T. Truong (Lund) and M. Wheeler (Bath).