Speaker 1 :  Nail Akhmediev  (Australian National University)
    Date & Time : September 10th (Fri.), 2021 / 10:00-11:00AM (Tokyo (JST)) 
    Title : Modulation instability frequency band is actually wider than 
            predicted by Benjamin and Feir 
    Abstract : 
         Bespalov-Talanov (BT) and Benjamin-Feir (BF) instabilities discovered 
       more than 50 years ago (1966 and 1967, respectively) played a significant role 
       in understanding nonlinear phenomena in optics and hydrodynamics. 
       However, these are based on linearisation of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation 
       (NLSE). As such, the accuracy of their prediction is limited. In order to 
       go beyond these limitations, we need to base our theory on exact solutions of 
       the NLSE. Exact solutions in reality predict a wider frequency range for 
       modulation instability than the BT and BF theories. A few other interesting 
       phenomena envisaged by the exact solutions will also be discussed in this talk.