Speaker 2 :  Zhan Wang  (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    Date & Time : August 20th (Fri.), 2021 / 10:50-11:30PM (Tokyo (JST)) 
    Title : Waves near resonance: from fast train track to moving loads on 
            very large floating structures
    Abstract : 
         The problem of forced unsteady water waves under an elastic sheet is a model 
       for waves under ice or under very large floating structures. Even though small-
       amplitude solitary waves are not predicted to exist by standard perturbation 
       analyses, we find large-amplitude solitary waves and explore their crucial role 
       in the forced problem of a moving load on the elastic cover. This phenomenon is 
       very much like vibrations of fast train tracks and meant to represent a model 
       of the use of extended ice sheets as roads and aircraft runways. Both numerical 
       and theoretical results will be discussed in the talk, and some unsolved 
       problems will be mentioned in the end.