Recent Advances in Nonlinear Water Waves

March 27 (Mon) - 28 (Tue) ,   2023

The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 3,   Room 424   (Access Map)

Alberto Alberello   (University of East Anglia)
Amin Chabchoub   (Kyoto University)
Guillaume Ducrozet   (Ecole Centrale Nantes)
Hidetaka Houtani   (University of Tokyo)
Taro Kakinuma   (Kagoshima University)
Takeshi Kataoka   (Kobe University)
Ken-ichi Maruno   (Waseda University)
Sunao Murashige   (Ibaraki University)
Takuji Waseda   (University of Tokyo)

  Participants of the workshop (click to enlarge)

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Supported by
JSPS KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) Grant Number JP17H02856 and JP22H01136

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Program   ( pdf with abstract )

    The presentation format : 40 minutes for presenation and 10 minutes for discussion

March 27 (Mon)
  14:00-14:10  Opening

  14:10-15:00  Hidetaka Houtani (University of Tokyo)
               Title : Nonlinear processes in crest enhancement of modulated wave trains

  15:10-16:00  Takeshi Kataoka (Kobe University)
               Title : Experimental verification of strong nonlinearity of 1D ship wave

  16:10-17:00  Ken-ichi Maruno (Waseda University)
               Title : Exact solutions and soliton interactions of two-dimensional soliton equations

   Experimental facility tour

   Banquet (18:00~)

March 28 (Tue)
   9:30-10:20  Sunao Murashige (Ibaraki University)
               Title : Internal fronts and gravity currents

  10:30-11:20  Taro Kakinuma (Kagoshima University)
               Title : Generation and amplification of tsunamis due to air pressure waves over topography

  11:30-12:20  Amin Chabchoub (Kyoto University) 
               Title : Freak waves in standing and quasi-standing waves 


  14:00-14:50  Alberto Alberello (University of East Anglia)
               Title : A dissipative nonlinear Schrödinger equation for waves in sea ice

  15:00-15:50  Guillaume Ducrozet (Ecole Centrale Nantes)
               Title : Generation of nonlinear waves in a wave tank environment 
                       - evaluation and control of wave statistics

  16:00-16:50  Takuji Waseda (University of Tokyo)
               Title : Anomalous spectral downshifting under sea ice
                       and a brief report on the 64th JARE (Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition)