Mini-Workshop on Nonlinear Water Waves

December 12 (Fri), 2014

Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Ibaraki University
Mito campus, College of Science Bldg G, 4th floor, Room G414 (G4 seminar room)
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Wooyoung Choi   (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Takeshi Kataoka   (Kobe University)
Yoshimasa Matsuno   (Yamaguchi University)
Mitsuhiro Tanaka   (Gifu University)
Takuji Waseda   (Tokyo University)
Sunao Murashige   (Ibaraki University)

Sunao Murashige   (Ibaraki University)

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Program   ( pdf )
  10:00-10:50  Choi, W. (NJIT)
               Asymptotic models for surface waves based on unsteady Stokes expansion

  11:00-11:50  Kataoka, T. (Kobe Univ.)
               Resonance theory of water waves in shallow-water limit


  13:30-14:20  Matsuno, Y. (Yamaguchi Univ.)
               Hamiltonian formulation of the extended Green-Naghdi equations

  14:30-15:20  Tanaka, M. (Gifu Univ.)
               A numerical study on the energy transfer from surface waves to interfacial waves
               in a two-layer fluid system

   Coffee break

  15:50-16:40  Waseda, T. (Tokyo Univ.)
               Third-order resonant wave interactions under the influence of random current field

  16:50-17:40  Murashige, S. (Ibaraki Univ.)
               Improvement of convergence of series expansion for water wave solutions